after 25 years as a conduit between the UK and Australia, thinkingaustralia’s highly successful website is set to relaunch to the global market.

Darrell and Elizabeth Todd launched thinkingaustralia in 1990 to better provide support, services and on-the-ground contacts for families, couples and individuals who are looking to relocate from the UK to Australia.

After this success, thinkinggroup has now entered the next stage, reworking and redeveloping the thinkingaustralia concept to provide the same comprehensive, high quality and personalised service to the global market.

This larger audience means that we’re seeking long-term Australian alliances to fulfill our client needs while building their brand exposure and gaining valuable client connections.

we’re here to promote you while we sell Australia.

So ask yourself, can we help your business grow?

However, it doesn’t end there: we’re also looking for global partners to join us and operate one of thinkingaustralia‘s sister websites in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and South Africa.

Could this be you?