darrell_100about Darrell

Darrell is Australian and clearly has the inside scoop on Down Under.

Known for his motto of “we don’t just promote Australian products and services, we sell Australia”, he’s a business owner who operates out of London and has promoted Australia as a migration destination for over a quarter of a century.

Thanks to this success, Darrell is considered an expert in his field and is widely sought after for interviews and consultation by national media organisations such as BBC TV, BBC Radio, ITV, Channel 4 and National Press to represent Australia.

Darrell is a frequent guest speaker at exhibitions, functions and tradeshows around the UK, Europe and Ireland.

Better yet, you can be part of an Australian Tour and promote your business to the world.


elizabethabout Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Welsh-Australian and is clearly in charge of the business engine room of thinkingaustralia.

As a migrant herself, Elizabeth has a unique insight into this experience and understands the complex issues and arrangements that are involved.

She has a firm grasp on all aspects of enquiries, assessments, migration processes, government procedures, relocation, referrals and settlement, including providing useful on-the-ground contacts to her clients ahead of their arrival in Australia.

A friend to many, Elizabeth is especially adept with the caring, personal touch of client relations – she remains in contact with her clients years beyond their relocation, which is a true testimony to her sincere and generous nature.