we’re rolling out the staggeringly successful thinkingaustralia.com model globally and you can be part of this exciting opportunity.thinking group sites

thinkinggroup are looking for global partners to operate the following sister websites:

New-Zealand New Zealand thinkingNZ.com
United-Kingdom United Kingdom thinkingUK.com
Canada Canada thinkingCAN.com
United-States United States thinkingUSA.com
South-Africa South Africa thinkingSA.com
European-Union Europe thinkingEU.com

In order to qualify for this position, you need to be someone who has contacts with companies in migration, relocation, finance, property, recruitment, education, travel and retail within the region.

There are plenty of benefits that you’ll receive by taking on this lucrative role, which you can find out about here.

Once a global partner has been selected for any of these websites, they will seek businesses that wish to advertise and generate leads within the region, as well as division managers who will look after each of the following main website sections:

  • Travel
  • Study
  • Jobs
  • Migration
  • Property
  • Finance
  • Daily News